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Sub-Regional Groundwater Recharge - per Capita

Variable: Groundwater Recharge - per Capita
Units: Cubic Meters per Person
Data Source: Various
Data Provider: World Resources Institute
Years: 2000
Copyright c 2002 United Nations Environment Programme/DEWA/GRID-Geneva

Africa Central Africa 10454
Africa Eastern Africa 767
Africa Northern Africa 141
Africa Southern Africa 1273
Africa Western Africa 1601
Africa Western Indian Ocean 3256
Asia + Pacific Australia + New Zealand 11637
Asia + Pacific Central Asia 1402
Asia + Pacific NW Pacific + East Asia 606
Asia + Pacific South Asia 406
Asia + Pacific South East Asia 1950
Asia + Pacific South Pacific No Data
Europe Central Europe 657
Europe Eastern Europe 3741
Europe Western Europe 1138
Latin America + Caribbean Caribbean No Data
Latin America + Caribbean Meso America 2570
Latin America + Caribbean South America 10772
North America North America 6070
Polar Antarctic No Data
Polar Arctic No Data
West Asia Arabian Peninsula 80
West Asia Mashriq 527

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