Select the data table you want to have a look at

Please select a geographic scale from the bar menu on the left, i.e. national, sub-regional, regional or global. In the window that pops up, select the GEO theme for which you want to show the data table (e.g. Atmosphere), and subsequently click on "Show Data" or "Documentation".

Please note that the national statistics have been compiled from readily available databases from UN partner organizations or other collaborating centres. The data for GEO regions, sub-regions and the world as a whole have been compiled by UNEP/DEWA/GRID-Geneva on the basis of such national data.

The data tables have been compiled for 249 countries and territories. These data are used to produce aggregated values for 21 sub-regions, 7 regions and the world as a whole, that is, for selected variables such as population, GDP, energy use, CO2 emissions. For the GEO regional division, see the map as available from the left-hand menu in the "GEO Regions" section.

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