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Sub-Regional Generated Nuclear Waste

Variable: Generated Nuclear Waste
Units: Metric Tons of Heavy Metal
Data Source: Environmental Data Compendium 1999
Data Provider: OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), Paris
Years: 1998
Copyright c 2002 United Nations Environment Programme/DEWA/GRID-Geneva

Africa Central Africa No Data
Africa Eastern Africa No Data
Africa Northern Africa No Data
Africa Southern Africa No Data
Africa Western Africa No Data
Africa Western Indian Ocean No Data
Asia + Pacific Australia + New Zealand No Data
Asia + Pacific Central Asia No Data
Asia + Pacific NW Pacific + East Asia 1431
Asia + Pacific South Asia No Data
Asia + Pacific South East Asia No Data
Asia + Pacific South Pacific No Data
Europe Central Europe 98
Europe Eastern Europe No Data
Europe Western Europe 2998
Latin America + Caribbean Caribbean No Data
Latin America + Caribbean Meso America 43
Latin America + Caribbean South America No Data
North America North America 4210
Polar Antarctic No Data
Polar Arctic No Data
West Asia Arabian Peninsula No Data
West Asia Mashriq No Data

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